Batman Pornography Story: Victim Chapter 1

Batman Pornography Story: Victim Chapter 1

The only thing Ellda was thinking about was that no matter what she had to keep running. She had no idea how long she had been running already but she had to keep going. If any one had seen her they would have seen an almost wasted girl in an oversized green coat, carrying an old backpack and running as though her life depended on it. An uneven slab of cement caught her foot and she fell. Slowly she stood up and ran again until she realized she was standing in the middle of an empty street. She took a peice of paper out of her coat and ran her hand over a series of what apeared to be random letters torn out of the paper. she turned down the street and started running agian.


The sun was just rising when Elldaran her hand over ther paper for the last time and smiled. Ellda staggered over to a building next to the harbor and sat down under a window. She drew her knees up to her chest and closed her eyes. Within few minutes she was asleep her arms wrapped tightly around the backpack.


Hours passed and no one noticed the girl sleeping in the shadow of the Gotham police department. Ellda probably wouldnt have been noticed if a detective going on her lunch break hadnt sat on the stair rail next to Ellda.

Hey, hey hellooo.

The effect on Ellda was astonishing. or at least it would have been if she hadn’t jumped up and into a wall

Whoa, Calm down Do you want to tell me why you were sleeping outside Gotham P.D.? the detective asked as she started eating a sandwich.

P.D.? That means Police department right? I need to talk to them! Ellda said frantically as she turned to run up the stairs into the building

If you want to talk to the police you can stay here.

Youre a deputy?

A detective actually. Why do you need to talk to the police?

Its a long story.

I have thirty minutes left on my lunch break and if its important enough you can keep talking until 8:00. Why dont you start with your name?

My name is Ellda Radoe

Ellda Radoe? Thats not possible. The Radoes where killed five years ago in a fire. I remember looking over the report.

Our house did burn down but they didnt find any bodies. In the paper it said that any remains would have been completely unrecognizable if there were any. Ellda explained as she started to chew on her dark brown hair.

If you werent killed where have you been for the past five years?

Im getting there. Before the fire started I was in my room and I heard some one open the front door. I heard laughing and then my mom told me to run, I got up and tried to go out through the back yard. I had my hand on the door when someone grabbed me and stuck a syringe in my arm. For a minute everything went dark and I thought I was going to die. Instead everything came back but I felt mad and, euphoric. I started laughing for no reason at all. The only thing I was really thinking about was that I wanted another injection I wanted that sensation to last forever. He told me that if I did what he told me to do Id be given more and he told me to burn down the house and and I did. Ellda said shakily looking up hoping she was facing the detective.

Whos he?

Ellda took a slow breathe before answering in a voice barely above a whisper, Joker.


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