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Batman Porno Story: Poisoned Cat Chapter Two

Batman Porno Story: Poisoned Cat Chapter Two

A/N: Thanks for the reviews everyone and continue doing so =] now here’s the next chapter, wonder whats going to happen to this little fight? Enjoy!

Never Expected This

CatWoman clawed all the branches out the way, breaking every piece of wood in her path to Ivy’s face. Just near seconds away from her face, a long piece of weeds stuck out the ground and wrapped themselves around her ankle and pulled her to the ground while more weeds wrapped themselves around her waist and neck, “I don’t think so grass girl” CatWoman cut up all the weeds with her claws and jumped up in the air and landed in front of Ivy’s face.

“If my plants wont destory you, I will!” Ivy layed a fist to CatWoman’s face and a kick to her stomache, “I bet you didnt see this coming did ya Batman?” Ivy looked over at Batman who was struggling on the floor trying to get the giant branch off him.

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