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Batman Porn Story: Lynn’s Story – Chapter 3

Batman Porn Story: Lynn’s Story – Chapter 3

The Batman: Lynn’s Story

Chapter Three

Lynn landed perfectly on a fire escape. Catwoman was already there.

“Ok, here’s the plan. I’ll clear you a path, and you snag the best stuff you can find. If you see Batman, make a run for it. There is no way you can take him right now.” Catwoman said, her face serious, but her eyes alive with excitment.

“Anything else? ” Lynn asked, all busniness. She didn’t want Catwoman to know she was enjoying this.

“Watch for security lasers and mostion sensors. Your lenses can see lasers though, so just manuvuer around them. Take out motion sensors with these.” Catwoman added, placing a few metal ninja throwing stars in her belt. Lynn nodded, she was good with these.

“Ok, go.” Catwoman said, waiting until a police patrolman vanished around the corner.

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