Batman Pornography Story: Letting The Cat Out of the Bag Chapter Nine

Batman Pornography Story: Letting The Cat Out of the Bag Chapter Nine

Chapter 9
(Detective Work 101)

echoed the Batman.

Catwoman nodded,

How? He
tried to regain his Batman persona, but it was hard because he was so
worried for Selina.

supposedly-Im ok now You can put me down- I wouldnt know my
parents died when I was young, I was an orphan She steadied
herself balancing delicately on her high heels.

I know. I know
something else too: someone in your condition probably shouldnt be
running around in high heels, he crossed his arms.

I have a
reputation, cant let them know Im weak.

You a good girl
now remember? Does it really matter anymore?

She placed a hand
on her head, Uhm. Right. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Theyll die
easy if you let them. Now let me carry you, Batman insisted.

Catwoman cocked
her head, where had she heard that phrase before? Batman. He seemed
for familiar but her head was spinning and, Ok. Once in his
arms, she felt so comfortable and safe, but again that familiar
feeling plagued her, We shouldnt be doing this I have a

Selina, we
arent doing anything, Im carrying you, and thats all.
Youre weak, and I dont want you to get hurt. Now point me in
the directions of the herbs

Well I
dont know where they are. I mean you ARE the detective, I thought
youd figure it out.

I had a feeling
you were going to say that. But no way am I letting you out of my
sight Heres what Im going to do Im going to blind
fold you and take you with me to the Batcave ok?


Just in case.

She sighed, You
dont trust me do you?


Fine then
blindfold away! She put her hand on her forehead in a classic
femme fatal pose.

Are you always
this dramatic? Batman smirked.

Ive been
known to make a scene or two. Selina smiled back. Then she
started twitching.

Bruce wasnt quite sure how he could Then the twitching
stopped, but Selina had passed out. I guess a blindfold wont
be necessary So he called the Batcar and placed her in the
bat-seat (Ha bat-seat like back seat! Ha! Get it, get it?), and
drove her to the Bat cave.


Selina rolled over
as she woke up, sadly there was no room for her to roll over because
she was on a couch. She fell off the couch and hit the cold floor,

I guess Cats
dont always land on their feet Are you ok?

Very funny.
Im fine. And so is the Batcave, very, very fine. No wonder you
always find-I mean usted to find me-so quickly

You should get
back on the couch, Selina.

Nope, I dont
plan on lounging away the day on some couch in the middle of a cave.

Not just any
cave. Its the Batcave.

I know, I know.
Dont get your cape in a twist. The point is its my life,
were dealing with and I intend on helping. Im not just going
to let you do all the work!

In your
condition, I think itd be best if you would.

What condition? I barely even half a-agh! She started twitching,
lost her balance and felt back onto the couch, Ok Im seeing
your point.

Youre a
smart girl, I figured you would sooner or later. He laughed.

Selina put her
head in her hand. That laugh. Where had she heard it before? Its
her head would just stop spinning Maybe shed discover the
secret identity of the Batman It would be nice to know, after all
these years of wondering. Then her thoughts turned to Bruce, her
boyfriend, how would he feel if he knew that she was spending so much
time with the Batman? Would he be jealous? She didnt see him as
the jealous type

I found them But you arent going to like what I tell you

A/N: Ok I read
another story that I want to combine with this story. Ill be
adding a villain, who really is a batman villain, but Im not sure
if hed in the cartoon The point is he wont be a made-up.
Because I dont want to use Catman like the first comic did So
please review with your ideas, and comments Thanks!

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