Batman Pornography Story: Whos Using Who – Chapter Six

Batman Pornography Story: Whos Using Who – Chapter Six

some paper, Scarlet, Penguin said. Cause I got a list of
questions a mile long! The woman laughed quietly as she
continued to lead the man down the back hallway of the Iceberg Lounge

She answered simply But Im not legal responsible for any mental
damage inflicted because of the truth. Penguin stopped walking to
think what she said through. Whatever he thought, he shook out of his
head and caught up with Scarlet, who never stopped walking. Lets
start with Question Number One. She said stopping at a door and
pulling a ring of keys out of one of her belts pockets.

called you Amy Spades. What the hell is that about? Penguin asked.

unlocked the door and sighed Ahh, its a story of Love, Loss,
and my Emmy-worthy performance as an actor. She swung the door
open and motioned for Penguin to go in before her.

the foot of the door, Oswald heard a squawk. On the ground, looking
up, was a real penguin that quickly waddled away on the light blue
carpet as the two walked in. The small penguin made his merry way to
a shallow ramp that lead up to the fake iceberg before diving into
the open tank that lead several feet below the floor. The walls were
covered in arctic mountains and the ceiling showed a map of the
stars. Scarlet laid on the oval shaped bed covered with a thick
blanket embroidered with a penguin.

you want the truth, She said as Ozzy sat on the cushy bed next to
her. She untied the mask and pulled out a handkerchief. She wet a
corner in her mouth and wiped the left side of her face clean of the
smoothing makeup. When she showed Oz the smeared skin-colored makeup
on the cloth, he gave a slight grimace. What do you see? she
asked, already knowing. Penguin looked at her face.

Scar. Penguin answered. To make sure it was real, he traced the
dents of the sharp jagged cut on her face.

Im not as perfect as advertised. She said, looking away.

did you get…? He didnt say the word, just motioned around the
left side of his face to get his message across.

scar? She finished. Ive had it as long since a few hours
after I was born. She chuckled lightly as if been permanently
marked was funny. Of course, people cant expect much less after
being in a trash compactor. She muttered idly, waving her hand
like everyones been put through her life. Of course, you know
what its like to not be what your parents expect.

gulped and made himself calmly say Pardon me if Im a little
freaked out. Its not everyday I meets someone who takes near-death
experienced so lightly.

shrugged him off and got up. Like you, Lifes cruel humor played
a big part in how I grew up. A black office desk stood across the
room with a leather lounge chair behind it. Scarlet gracefully made
her way over to it and pulled out a beige file folder and a few
blueprints from a low drawer. Since youre not buying my
Sweet-and-Swooning Billionaire act anymore, She stated as he
approached Ozzy on the bed Its time I told my plan,
cut-and-dry. Oh, B.T.W, heres your file. She handed Penguin the
beige file folder. And I hope you learned not to eat that much
cheese after the chronic constipation episode when you were seven.

dont know what youre talking about! What file? He yanked the
folder out of the womans hand and saw the title. Cobblepot,
C. Oswald

He opened it up to see various papers, behavior reports, doctors
notes, including his entire school grades sorted by grade, a copy of
his birth certificate, his mental review from Arkham and police
reports concerning his multiple arrests.

knew everything detail about him because of one file. His 28 years of
life described in his permanent record. He composed himself and
closed the folder. Where did you get this? He demanded before
stuffing the file in his jacket pocket. He was going to get answers.

was in the military and.

know that! He yelled Where did you get it?

the Government Central Data Base. She answered, somewhat shocked
she had to explain. You thought those conspiracy theorists were
just blowing smoke when they say the government is watching us?

Yes! Penguin said Because I share a Cellblock with those kind
of people! He stood up as Scarlet smiled with evil pleasure and
curled up on the bed. What kind of a freak are you?!

of a kind, baby. She cooed happily, laying on her back to show her
impressive body.

being sexy and answer me! The room fell silent as both Penguin and
Scarlet realized what Penguin blurted.

like Mr. Lonely finally noticed me. She laughed as she sat up
Dont worry, I wont tell the other psycho. After all, the
only force all men bow to is that of his need for a woman… She
leaned forward and grabbed Penguin bow-tie before pulling him
closer.Besides, You dont know what kind of freak I really am.

scowled and said Prove it.

smiled widely and whispered softly What fun would that be? She
laughed and let the mans shirt go. Lets go to your place and
get to work.

chance of a part of that work being in the bedroom?

until youve worked for it.


brushed off his shirt and smiled as Bart, Buckshot and Luther came up
to the doorway with him. He knocked kindly on the door and waited. A
medium sized silver-haired woman dress in a mourning gown answered,
sniffling before timidly saying Can I help you?

Zeke answered, putting his hands and holding out his chest in a
display of manhood. My friends and I saw you in the Cemetery and
that, uh,… He Paused Line? He whispered.

Bart prompted as he flipped his hood over his head.

funeral and we think youd be interested in doing your loved-one
just one last favor as he rots in a hole. The woman stepped back
as Zeke pushed the door open more then the woman wanted. For a
weekly fee, we can offer that your dearly departed wont
by dug up and thrown in, oh, say… the subway.

the central park. Buckshot added.

a school. Bart continued

not Phantastisch.
Luther laughed. The men shoved open the door with evil intentions as
Zeke lead them by walked at the woman who backed up until she bumped
into the wall.

she whimpered in fear, the men had formed a semi-circle around her
and Zeke. What do ya say? He asked You in?

house, by the way. She said to break the silence. Its got a
good Fung Shui to it.

mean for it to get this bad. Oswald said, looking at his familys
manor dire state of disrepair.

set up my stuff in the dinning room. Scar stated in an official
tone Ill explain my plan in there.

let me guess. Penguin smirked You want to pay me for my
expertise in thievery so you can steal something you want.

scoffed If I want something, I can buy it. She said. However,
that little fact makes life very boring for me. So, I have come to
set my standards high.

why you were so pushing to get together with me. Penguin said.

paused … Sure.

high are we talking? Penguin asked Robing the Gotham Gold
Reserves? Kidnaping the Police Commissioner for ransom?

stopped and knelt down to Penguins level. Let me ask you a few

avoided every question I gave you!

does Gotham need Batman?

the Police cant caught me without him! He said proudly.

do the police take you when you and all the other super-villains when
youre caught?

shrugged Arkham. You know that.

newest standard is a glorious plan. She said. Even though they
were alone, Scar put an arm on his shoulders and brought him close
before speaking softly in his ear. Does Batman ever come in

doesnt need to. Oswald answered. The guards keep us… are
supposed to keep us secure. He has other thugs to beat up. And youre
glorious plan is…?

if we
controlled Arkham? She whispered through her smile. Imagine the
fun! Imagine having all of Gothams evilest men and women in your
debt. The power… The money… One less annoyance for the Great
Feared Penguin to deal with. All the more focus you can give to
killing the Batman.

nodded matching Scars wide smile Even if I get caught, theyd
put me right back in my hideout to plan my next heist!


be unstoppable.

Ozzy. She corrected. I have the vicious man-power. But you,
Oswald, have the insider experience. You know how many guards there
are, what if any weapons they have etcetera.

have to make it worth my time.

pretended to pause and think How about I give you the title King
Oswald: Crowned King of Arkham Island? She saw he wasnt
totally convinced Kings are filthy rich… She added.

you have a deal worth taking!

only light outside in the cold night was the moon and the
streetlights. The wind blew through the mens hair. Across the
street from the building they were on, stood the infamous Asylum in
the shadow of the night. The six story brick building was covered in
vines near the bottom, part of the little vegetation on the small

it? Zeke asked. He laughed to himself. We can go in there right
now and.

Bart snapped, lowering the his binoculars. We wait for Auntie Scar
to flirt the info out of the bird-man. Thats final.

we get to eat him right? Zeke asked hopefully. I know I still
need to teach you how to slice up a human right.

groaned and rolled his eyes. He was sick of all the cannibal talk he
put up.

what did
Scar say we were going to do with the human once shes done with
him? Buckshot asked. Hounder nodded, wondering as well.

hasnt said yet. Bart admitted So she must still be devising
something demented and twisted to rid The Pack of that man.

laughed to himself Yeah, like a woman that fine would even touch a
guy like that. I mean, look what happened to the last human she got
close to.

need to net the Security Office here. Penguin stated, pointing on
a room draw onto the blueprints of Arkham Asylum. Once there, you
can stop them from calling the cops for backup.

I need to unlock all the inmates to help overpower the rest of the
guards. Scar added, jotting Penguins words in a notebook.

in the Security Office too, He said. Amy…

sighed and smiled You can imagine the government doesnt want
rouge Experiments running around, right? So, I have to assume new
names every so often to secure my freedom. That way I keep those
vultures guessing.

girl. Ozzy said. So, how do I get my money?

have a gang steal for you.

Ill get equal power to you.

the 21st
century, you know.

rested his arm on the desk and paused before saying Why me?

Joker and I have an unpleasant past, partly why I fought him for you,
and the question mark man in the jumpsuit


him. Hes already in Arkham and thus unavailable.

did you do to Joker?

paused and looked away I only hurt people that hurt me. He was
once Jack Napier, a up-and-coming chemist working for Gotham Water
Works. He took water samples and tested them to see if it was clean
enough and stuff.

boring for a clown. Penguin muttered, putting his chin in his

I met him working late all alone one night and he wanted to live a
life of thrills and car chases, so I took him in my gang, provided he
make it worth my while. In the end, he gave me the key to my wealth,
the formulas to make high quality drugs to sell to thousands of
addicts.. Later, sanity and fear got the better of him and he called
the police.

An honest citizen? Ha! Penguin laughed. Whatd ya do to him?
I gotta know.

shrugged My men went after him. I told them to scare him crooked.
I didnt care to know specifics, for ignorance is bliss…


Years ago

threw the door open and ran inside the chemical plant. Snarling lions
ran after him with a young one-eyed man loaded with muscle behind
them. A smaller hyena, Bart as a 8-year-old, followed Zeke laughing
and smiling. Jack scrambled up a ladder onto a cat walk above the
vats of toxins. He needed to get space between him and her men.

there! Zeke yelled. The male lion cub with only a tuft of black
hair that would one day be his mane gave a weak roar. He couldnt
climb. I know, Kovu!

Bart said when he saw something.. He lead the lions to a staircase on
the other end of the catwalk as Zeke climbed up the ladder.

grabbed his jacket close to his skinny body as he tried desperately
to catch his breath. He ran a hand through his red hair and looked
around frantically. He spent his life being someone he didnt what
to be. A person he could barely call a man.

The woman who listened, who laughed at his jokes, no matter how corny
he admitted they were. Such a free spirit, so much she did in a day.
He dreamed of being as fun-loving as her and now… Now… the light
in his life turned black.

you are, you bastard! Zeke growled. Jack turned around to see Zeke
cracking his knuckles, laughing Ive wanted to do this since I
first met you.

bad, I think I need to leave now. Jack quickly answered, turned
back around. Bart was in front of him, gigging in a care-free manner,
with the lions stalking closer.

close attention, son. Zeke told his son. Daddys going to
show you how to kill.

cool! Bart smiled.

two paths blocked, Jack ran down the overlook path to his left,
closer then he wanted to the fuming liquids below. A dead end. A roar
made him turn as a adult lioness pounded his face with her claws and
dragged pieces of skin off. Jack screamed in pain before stumbling
into the railing.

burst out laughing hysterically as Jacks blood started to ooze out
of the cuts. Bart laughed too, if only to mimic his father. I knew
youd me laugh sooner or later, Jacky! He chuckled as he got
closer. He suddenly stopped to punch the man in his wound, nearly
knocking him over the edge.

sorry! Jack pleaded. I was scared! I wont do it again, I

laughed again, louder then before. Bart stepped forward with a wild
grin. He stood on his back legs and raised his right paw high,
extending his sharp claws. Jack closed his eyes and braced for
impact. Bart chuckled.

you it! He laughed as he simply pushed the man over the edge. Jack
yelled as he plummeted before crashing into the green toxin. Zeke
looked over the edge and smiled

think hes dead, kid? He asked.

shrugged, Dunno. But Auntie Scar wont care. He said before
walking away. Now, whats for dinner?

feel like having taco. His father answered.

like tacos. Bart answered



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