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Batman Porn Story: A Carob Caper Chapter 1

Batman Porn Story: A Carob Caper Chapter 1

A Carob Caper

Fandom:Batverse (probably toon)
Pairing: H/I
Disclaimer: Not mine.

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Ivy glanced up from her task, a confused wrinkle marring her forehead. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“Look at the bowl! It doesn’t look remotely like anything that I’d want near my mouth.”

“You do realize that I wrote the recipe, don’t you?” responded Ivy icily.

really! It’s got little bits of seeds and things in it!” exclaimed
Harley, gesturing emphatically with her spatula. “And we’re using fake
chocolate.” she said sulkily, looking faintly scandalized by the idea.

“It’ll taste just as good, I promise.”

“Just let me add some real chocolate,” pleaded Harley, a pout appearing on her face as she reached for the bowl.

said Ivy, looking appalled as she backed away to keep the mixing bowl
from Harley’s grasp. “Do you have any idea what they add to that stuff?
You’re not seriously -“

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